Here is a list of previous meetings held and the topics discussed.

2 November 2015 Is happiness an illusion?

5 October 2015 Can we grow from the Grassroots? (introduced by Phil)

7 September 2015 The Legacy of the 1960s. (led by Ian)

3 August 2015 Purpose (led by Howard)

13 July 2014 The limits of free speech (led by Howard)

15 June 2015 Philosophy as a way of Life (led by Tim)

11 May 2015 Plato on Justice (led by Lorna)

13 April 2015 Friendship (introduced by Liz)

2 March 2015 What is it to be human? (introduced by Margaret H.)

2 February 2015 Questions about Climate Change (led by John)

5 January 2015 Deception and self-deception (led by Howard)

1 December 2014 Heroes (led by Ian)

10 November 2014 Words we hate (led by Lorna)

13 October 2014: Does the self exist? (led by Paul D. from Liverpool)

8 September 2014: In praise of vulgar Marxism (led by Tom)

11 August 2014: Is history objective? (led by Neil)

14 July 2014: Is human life a comedy or a tragedy? (led by Tim)

9 June 2014: What’s the truth about truth? (led by Jane)

12 May 2014: Trouble with Commitment? (led by Margaret)

14 April 2014: Death (led by Howard)

17 March 2014: Does culture limit us? (led by Phil)

17 February 2014: Metaphysics: is it yesterday’s song? (led by Lorna)

20 January 2014: Do we need national borders?

19 December 2013: a discussion on darkness and light following our visit to an art exhibition

21 November 2013: Sport: what is it for? (led by Howard)

24 October 2013: Should you be a whistle-blower? (led by Ian)

26 September 2013: Are we right to punish offenders? (led by Warwick)

29 August 2013: Monarchy (led by David A.)

31 July 2013: Agency (led by Liz)

14 June 2013: Authenticity: what is it to be true to yourself? (led by Tim)

3 May 2013: Narcissism and Society (led by Phil )

12 April 2013: Can we trust our reason? (introduced by Lorna)

15 March 2013: Are there any certainties except death and taxes? (led by Jane)

8 February 2013: Is one god enough, or is it one too many? (led by Ian)

11 January 2013: Nationhood and independence (led by Margaret)

7 December 2012: Informal discussion around symbolic objects.

16 November 2012: What if the hokey cokey really IS what it’s all about? (led by Warwick)

12 October 2012: Social Mobility (led by Joseph)

14 September 2012: Fundamentalist religion v fundamentalist atheism?” (led by Jane)

10 August 2012: Winging it? (led by Gary)

13 July 2012: Passion and Rationality (led by Dilys)

22 June 2012: What is the difference between left-wing and right-wing? (led by Masood)

18 May 2012: Writing Memoirs – why do it? (led by Sara)

27 April 2012: Did Ned Ludd Have a Point? (led by Pam)

9 March 2012: “Common Sense” – what is its meaning? (led by Ian)

10 February 2012: What is the purpose of literature? (led by Jane)

27 January 2012: Humility (led by Warwick)

2 December 2011: Was Scrooge right – is Christmas all humbug? (Led by Joseph)

25 November 2011: Is the natural environment more important than the human species? (Led by Joseph)

28 October 2011: How would we like to be remembered? (Led by Sara)

23 September 2011: Who do you blame? (Led by Ian)

26 August 2011: Is women’s liberation in retreat? (Led by Pam)

8 July 2011: Would we treat animals differently if they spoke “human”? (Led by Tina)

17 June 2011: “Something Completely Different” (Led by Graeme)

13 May 2011: Superstitions? (This was on Friday the 13th)

11 March 2011: What is fairness? (Led by Ian)

10 March 2011: Celebrity – do we need heroes?

25 February 2011: What is “real friendship”: people for whom you would sacrifice your own life, or lists on Facebook?

24 February 2011: What is the purpose of literature?

14 January 2011: A better Leeds (or Bradford…)? Urban environments – should we care?

10 December 2010: Art in public spaces – what for?

12 November 2010: Do we get the politicians we deserve?


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