Philosophy in Pubs (PIPs) is a grass roots community organisation promoting and practising community philosophy in the UK and worldwide. Discussion meetings take place regularly in pubs and other venues around the country. Anyone can attend, anyone can propose a topic for discussion, and anyone is welcome to start a group where none exist.

Respect for others and their opinions are a fundamental requirement of the group, as it encourages people to put forward their views without fear of ridicule or intimidation. No academic or philosophical background is necessary, only a passion for enquiry. Just turn up and enjoy.

Talking Allowed in Leeds (TAIL) is a  PIPs group which meets on the second Monday of the month in central Leeds .

At our sessions we have a form of procedure whereby one person introduces a topic for  five or ten minutes. Then the discussion goes round the circle, each person having the opportunity make a contribution (or to ‘pass’). This continues for several ‘revolutions’, with a break to replenish drinks. We tend not to interrupt or speak out of turn unless there is a particular ‘point of information’ to be made.

We are open to other formats including sessions where, after a round of speaking in turn, there might be a respectful ‘free-for-all’, or perhaps a splitting into smaller groups to look in depth at the issues raised.

We are a friendly and welcoming group, liberal-minded and able to enjoy a discussion which doesn’t tend to get too earnest. The fact that we meet during the afternoon means that many of us are not in full-time work.

We meet at Veritas Bar in Great George Street (opposite Leeds General Infirmary). We have the use of the small room at the back so we are only disturbed by bar staff bringing coffees and other drinks. There are no fees for attending the group, although we’ll buy ourselves a drink or a snack from the bar menu.


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